Drain Snake

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▷ The quick fix to slow and clogged drains!
 Unbelievable ultra-strong grip
▷ Easily grabs and pulls out debris!
▷ Bendable to access hard to reach places!
 Various length for longer pipes!
Easily clean the dirt in the tube, good cleaner tool for your home.
The remover is 5.25 feet longer than the ordinary one, and can go deep into the pipe to catch obstacles and debris.
Elastic handle: adopts pressing design, comfortable grip, saving time and energy, simple operation. This drain hair remover can grab socks, toilet paper, toothbrushes and other foreign objects to block the toilet.

It can take out gold and silver jewelry and hair from the floor drain. It is very suitable for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, bathtubs, pipes, drains, sewers and other places that are often blocked. The multi-tooth drain snake effectively catches hair, food and other blockages.

Remove utensils, vegetable leaves and rocks from the kitchen pipe

Size: 160cm
Material: Steel

Packing list:

1x160cm Dredge Pipe

Reduced price
$19.51 $39.02
You save $19.51 (50 %)