Auto Soap Dispenser

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Auto Soap Dispenser... The most hygienic choice!

You'll appreciate the convenience of this touchless dispenser. With our smart automatic soap dispenser, you can promote exceptional hygiene in a fun and stylish way. It will save time and water while also providing the best results. It's a lightweight, sleek, understated design that blends seamlessly into any bathroom or kitchen, offering users a high quality, elegant hand washing experience. 

Easy to use

Simply place your hands near to dispense, and remove hands to stop, It's that easy! It automatically dispenses soap in the correct amount, gently and subtly. It's almost like magic!

Key Features 

• Infrared sensors
• Clean and tidy
• Easy to refill
• Easy operation
• Hands-free operation
• Minimizes soap wastage
• Long standby time up to 3-6 months
• Infrared induction bubble generation in 0.25 seconds


• Capacity: 350ml
• Size: 73 * 98 * 190mm
• Colour: white, pink or green

What's included 

1x Automatic soap dispenser
1x Instructions manual
1x USB cable

Reduced price
$29.67 $59.34
You save $29.67 (50 %)